The Long Awaited Update

The Decision

So no news is good news and positive news is better news. Unlike my man LeBron I won’t make you wait an hour….

“When I kept silent, my bones grew old through my groaning all the day long.” ~ Psalm 32:3

The reason this has been so frustrating and this trip meant so much I think falls on time. I’m 38… 40 is creeping up and so do I feel the potential for professional shifts at work. Busier summers, running study abroad programs, who knows. That means the endless summers are potentially coming to a close. I’m beginning to get the urge to plant roots and settle, buy a house again. These are real things. They’re ties that sometimes bind you, often in positive ways but different ways than I have now with an almost endless freedom during the summer. I panicked at the thought that this opportunity would pass me by and I’d miss it. That I’d live with that regret.

No more oil leakage!

No more oil leakage!

I prayed on it, I gave up on it. I took it out of my hands and it came back to me. The leak is sealed! Its a quicker move than I planned shortening each location to an overnight instead of two double night stays as planned but this still puts me back on track for the National Biker Roundup on July 31. The repair was almost as easy as I thought, but inaccessible to me with a lack of tools here and should hopefully hold as we replaced the loose seal, but not with a new one. Though if not, I’m now prepared for the eventuality. That being said this has been a hard one in my spirit. It was my friends who lifted me and kept me going forward. Especially the words and kindness of old and new ones. Ultimately I thank you all though. I am blessed.

Day Six is Complete

Bright and early tomorrow I hit the road for Minneapolis. Nothing more need be said.

In all my preparation and running today I didn’t get my reading done. Maybe before bed but I want a good night sleep. We’ll see. Today I’m content to let my devotional reflection be enough and stand alone.

I’ll leave you with this gem. Saw this at the bike shop this afternoon while waiting for them to finish up.

Ummmm... Yeah. That's some shenanigans right there.

Ummmm… Yeah. That’s some shenanigans right there.

A big ol’ Honda Valkerie with a car tire and truck nuts on the rear. This dude was something else.


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