“There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.” ~ Galatians 3:28

So this one clearly comes from my devotional and it’s because this is Sunday. i miss going to church. Three weeks off and its like my internal clock and radar is all out of whack. There was a time that I was never really one for religion. Faith to me was something dismissable. Now that’s changed though, I can access my faith and my belief without the church, but there’s something about dedicating that time each week to fellowship and worship that feels important. Like a reboot for the new week ahead. It feels good to know that after all these years, I’m still growing. I returned to my faith a long time ago but recently I’ve felt the need and calling to reinvest. I’m trying daily to do just that. It makes me think I’m not done improving on myself yet. Like there’s a better version of me waiting to take on the world and meet it face to face. I just hope I can live up to all the challenges ahead.

Day Eighteen

So “hiatus”. I’m calling this post that because that’s exactly what it is. I’ve got three posts started and not completed because I honestly felt like giving up on this. I was disheartened by all the stuff thats been happening. I’m getting better but it’s still hard. I know the rough financial situation I’m in for the next few months and I’m sulking, dreading even what that means and how I can begin to try digging myself out. It shouldn’t stress me the way it does, but I can’t help it, I’m practical like that and it hurts. So I stopped writing these. I just put two up and there’s there other three still here. Not including this one. But I feel like its unfair to you all and my commitment to starting this whole thing. I may not have completed the trip but I’m going to complete this. So today I’m going to try to finish the four posts in total and get us all on the same page within the next day or so.  The upside for me is there’s not many photos. The downfall for you, there’s a lot of reading.

The Return

So at 6:00 am I headed to the front desk to get my receipt for my room and get on the road with Big Red and Pit Stop. Today we ride for St. Louis and their place. I’m resting there for the night and then heading to Indy the next day on my own. The attendant massacres the bill for the guys ahead of me, spends the next 40 minutes trying to fix it and has to reboot the computer and call the manager. I got my bill because they felt bad for my ride and let me hop in, they were still stuck there trying to figure it out. Madness. Either way this puts us on the road about 7am.

Truthfully, the ride was pretty uneventful. We hit it hard through Oklahoma and into Missouri. We stopped about halfway for some lunch and went to Dickey’s BBQ. I think I’ve pointed out that I don’t eat on the ride days because of the fat man lethargic tendencies. Lol. So I had a small sandwich and lots of water. Though I will admit Dickey’s does and amazing smoked chicken. If you have one near you, just go get a pound and make sandwiches or something, its well worth it. Pit Stop took a nap in the booth while Big Red and I stretched and made some calls. It’s a dull ride through this part of the country. The only interesting moment has been the occasional large group of bikes that will ride with us for a bit. Everyone’s headed home. After about an hour stop we woke up Pit Stop and filled up our tanks to get back on the road.

Again we rode hard through to St. Louis. By the time we hit about 50 miles outside the city we hit traffic and the sun hit us. I had sunscreened up at lunch and was going T-shirt at that point. I couldn’t take it anymore. It was hot though, and we were tired, and thirsty. We made it maybe 14 more miles before stopping for water. One bottle I drank the other I just poured all over my head. From there we pushed it to the house and that was it. Bikes were locked up for the night. No questions asked. This day of riding is done. Considering we rolled in about 3pm and that made 8 hours of riding I really can’t complain.

The only caveat I’ll add here is that the tolls in Oklahoma are like highway robbery. Literally. I shouldn’t have to pay $4 for a motorcycle. That’s some shenanigans right there. On the upside that was a gorgeous sunrise through the fog over the hills.

St. Louis

I love this city. Something about the blue collar working vibe. Its got a great art scene that’s growing in the contemporary direction and a food scene that’s spreading its wings, but here BBQ is still king. Pappy’s Smokehouse still has the best unsauced BBQ I’ve ever had. Period. If you don’t try it, you’re dumb. That’s right you heard me.

Anyway, it was still so hot Pit Stop called it a day pretty much and went hardcore napping. Me and Big Red changed into our civies and went to Walmart to get stuff for dinner. Came back made pasta and watched hours of Naked and Afraid while trying to stay awake. I also picked up a box of all natural black cherry popsicles that we proceeded to wreck throughout the day. No added sweeteners here. The pasta was amazing. My boy got down on this one. An amazing meat sauce, ceasar salad and italian bread. This hit the spot after the day we had riding. Of course it was so good and filling it also made us tired. At one point the two of them made a run to pick up her bags from Eezy and Game who towed their bikes so they carried her bags in the truck. Other than that today was a wash. That’s not uncommon though for a long day of riding in the heat like we had today. It did us in.

At one point tonight I tried to do a post. I fell asleep at the table on top of the keyboard. So I thought a popsicle and some TV would wake me up. I fell asleep on the couch next… then again at the table. Yeah, game over man. Game over.

Today’s Map:

Apprx Miles: 405 / Average Speed: 80 mph / Best Entire Album Listened To: “21” by Adele… I was in a soulful kind of mood

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