Information, Typos, Poor Grammar and an Explanation into this Motorcycle Madness

So why? Why ride across the country in a giant figure 8 for 8033 miles and get sunburned and soaked at times and at other times simultaneously?

“Why not.”

It’s the adventure of it all. Life is waiting in the wings and ready to be seized. We all have our bucket list of some kind. Taking a coast to coast road trip is on mine, so here finally is my opportunity. I don’t want to look back and have missed out on the chance to do something uniquely for me and reconnecting with friends far and wide. I miss the open road and riding my motorcycle, I miss the quiet time of being in my own head and contemplating as I ride. This is a chance to do all of this for an extended period of time and hopefully return a better man than I left. Plus I’m a college professor, what better do I have to do with my summer?

I at least hope to have a happier stomach. I love food. I’m a fat man. The two go well together. Oddly when I ride I don’t eat, but this will give me the opportunity to eat all across the country. Finding that local gem is always a plus so this will allow that and then getting to share it with the world. I also hope to take pictures. Through a series of portraits I hope to examine the idea of place through the people met along the way. Through striking up open conversation I seek to connect with each person and find something that becomes an identifier for who they are or why they are “there”.  I also hope to see the country where I’ve long lived but not frequently enough traveled. I find that I have tendency to ignore the major sites, monuments and other things that people often revel in or we’re taught to recognize as important. I feel like I should see some of them. So that being said, I’m taking the opportunity to see them. At least a few.

Lastly I want to reprogram myself. I need a change for the better. In the past few years I feel like I’ve lost some of the inner peace I once had. I’m hoping that through actively reflection on my own life I’ll see something I’ve missed or rekindle a spark of something I once had, or something better.  I think the world has just taken its toll, all its ugliness. I need to disassociate and find a joyful moment that reminds me of the positive. While an undertaking this is ultimately about enjoyment, spending quality time with myself, family and friends. Its about moments of beauty found in people and places. Those are the things that bring happiness and laughter… and really what is life without laughter, its boring.

I’m kinda old, kinda crotchety, but I ain’t dead yet. So I’m gonna keep laughing. Because if I’m not laughing I may just start crying.

– Armon


Ps. Did I mention… I like to go fast.

Pps. Its usually anywhere between midnight and 4am when I post, also after a long day of riding. Please excuse typos and poor grammar at times. Its hard to proofread when my brain is all cloudy from the being asphalt drunk.

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