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Highs and Lows – Unexpected Setbacks

Here We Go Again…

Another day, more problems. So the exhaust that was reported as destroyed in yesterdays post made for an exciting start to the day. First I called every motorcycle salvage yard in Atlanta. Just so you know, they’re all closed down for good. Then I randomly called shops and searched online for something that would help. Eventually my efforts resulted in this piece of work you see here. Though with my adventures there’s always more story to be told…

Lukcy Exhaust

Matte black, but banged and dinked. It’ll work, it’ll work.

“You see things vacationing on a motorcycle that is completely different from any other. In a car you’re always in a compartment, and because you’re used to it you don’t realize that everything you see is just more TV. You’re a passive observer and it is all moving by you boringly in a frame.

On a cycle that frame is gone. You’re completely in contact with it all. You’re in the scent, not just watching it anymore, and the sense of presence is overwhelming.”

Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

This is why i like to ride. Breathing in the life of the road. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good road trip in a car, but what I love about it is different. I love blaring my radio and singling Temptations songs at the top of my lungs. I love being able to pull off and lean the seat back to nap if need be. I love the compactness of the world that is created within the space of my vehicle. On the motorcycle its different, its expansive. I love the wind against my face and the sun on my arms. I love the interrupted silence of solitude that seems somehow both ever-present and unattainable. I love that it’s not easy or leisurely but an active experience that seems to grow with every mile not get shorter as I reach ever closer to the destination. I love the culture of brotherhood and sisterhood formed amongst others on the road. It is the separation between the two worlds that makes riding a motorcycle part of who I am and will always be.

Today’s devotional, reading and experiences made me think of relationships. We have many kinds throughout our life, some casual others deep and intimate. What is similar between them all is that we seek to form some connection with the other person and look to exchange some form of communication that can effect us somehow, on some level. What differs is the degree of that effect, some glaze over like the coating of a donut while other cut deeply like a sword cutting butter. (Excessive, maybe.) Though all of them take the laying of roots and overtime strengthening them to form something unique and special to us. Some will only last a short time and others seemingly forever, but ultimately we choose which. Today I questioned those relationships, why do we maintain some and let others slide. Why do I feel guilty for things beyond my control. Is that a sign of my own weakness and desire to please or is it a sign of the importance I place on those bond and a desire to respect them. I don’t really have an answer for any of this. I did randomly go through in my head and think about the life long bonds that I have with people, some who I never expected and others that it was clear from the start. I’m thankful for everyone of them. They’ve all made me a better man. They have helped in building a bridge between us that allows for not just exchange but increase of self and potential. Even ones that haven’t gone as planned I’m thankful for. The experiences that have made me a more thoughtful or learned man, a better understanding of my own needs, wants and what I can offer. I guess what I’ve learned is simply that there are no unimportant relationships, no matter what level they may reach. Each grants you something singular and unique, waiting for the moment when you’ve gained or given what you were meant. I say this because I hope I can honor them as they deserve, my friends, family, partner, whomever it may be I hope that I can always live up to my end of the deal.

Day Two

So the bike is still down and I’m still in Atlanta. After hunting down an exhaust in Lennoxville, GA… the middle of nowhere. We picked it up and prepared to venture into the world of impromptu repairs. I quickly decided that I did not have the necessary items and would rather pay someone to install the new exhaust versus buying tools and leaving them behind. So after departing the small town and from M&M Motorcycles we aimed for Atlanta and the shop of Atlanta Motorcycles and Repairs, scooters and motorcycles as far as the eye could see in this urban body shop. Everyone was great, I can’t talk up their service enough. I would highly suggest them if anyone needs to repair or purchase in ATL. Nonetheless after a few short hours of cool down and install things we nearly complete. I had wandered to Verizon while waiting and charged my phone, got some new tech and also took a stroll for a smoothie and Home Depot. At about the two hour mark I headed back to the shop and things were looking up. They completed the repair, adjusted my finicky mirrors and had he on my way for an hour of labor. But alas the hour was upon us for failure.

Saviors of the day

After heading back to grab my bags and pack up the mule again there were oil spots beneath the bike, new oil spots. This very quickly alerted me that a new leak had sprung up. After some examination it didn’t appear to be overflow and was most prevalent when the bike was on the kickstand. My though and hope being that when the exhaust was installed something was simply knocked loose. So with only a few minutes to spare the race back to the shop began, hoping to arrive prior to their 7pm closing time. Take note… at 6:45pm in Atlanta I don’t think you could get next door in 15 minutes. After fighting the post work commute traffic we arrived a few minutes after close, running on fumes and feeling immensely  disappointed. The decision was upon me; make the run toward Indy and hope this is nothing serious or play it safe. I’ve decided the latter. They reopen at 10am, I’ll be waiting and hopefully be on the road quickly.

This has thrown a bit of a monkey wrench in the first days itinerary as I’m supposed to ride to Minneapolis on Sunday morning. Today should have been the day I met up with my ace and rode into some trouble with his lady friend, all on our two wheels. Tomorrow one of his sons was to be my passenger for the Indianapolis Black Expo Park and Ride Event. With a number of other riders from around the area we would have rode throughout town and all ended up downtown and fraternizing for the rest of the afternoon experiencing the pure camaraderie of motorcycling. I would have gone to dinner or breakfast with my family and had some needed home time. I could have caught up with a friend and laughed the night away. Instead here i am, preparing for at best a late arrival in Indy tomorrow and an early jump the next day for Minnesota. Here i am pondering a route change for the entire first stretch of the trip to accommodate lost money and time. Here I am sitting while oil continues to pool on a parking garage floor.

So this my friends has definitely been the day of mixed emotions. While most of this and the rain storm that now engulfs the entire city I’d count as my lows for the day. Though here are some glimmers of highs that caught my eye and earned a snapshot.


Most of all this is pure eye candy that I found at the bike shop. Enjoy the batch of photos.

Old skool in white

Yamaha got the blues

Cafe Racer in effect

Cafe Racer in effect

You gotta dress for success

You gotta dress for success

Orangina Bobber
Eye Catching 308

Eye Catching 308

Classic Style

Classic Style

Whitewalls for days!

Whitewalls for days!


Dinner on the other hand was something special. Which on this trip really is for me. I don’t eat lunch usually when on the road or have a significant breakfast because I get lethargic. So most of the time I will try and hit a great local dinner spot. This was no different.

We ended up at Grind House Killer Burgers. Skeptically speaking many burger places are all the same. This one stood out. An exciting but simple menu and a variety of drinks, this was a much needed end to the day. As I rolled in I already liked this place’s character.

Burger Time!

Grindhouse Killer Burgers… this is an ATL stop worth making

Homemade sweet potato chips with a blue cheese dipping sauce. I don’t like blue cheese, I don’t like blue cheese dressing unless its going with buffalo sauce… I loved this dip. Enough said.

Sweet and Delicious

Amazing appetizer at dinner tonight. Good call all around.

My meal was the double burger done “Hillbilly Style’, which meant pimento cheese, chili, jalapenos, onions and chilies. I added a side of onion rings, because they’re onion rings and I have to try them all. The burger patties are slightly bigger than a slider so I assumed a double would be fine, I was wrong. After the huge appetizer of sweet potato chips this double was force. It was hefty and flavorful yet easy to handle. The ingredients were fresh and really popped, the chiles and jalapenos were a brilliant kick and compliment to the pimento cheese. The onion rings were thick cut and lightly crispy battered this concerned me until my first bite. The flavor wasn’t “oniony”, I didn’t know this was possible. It was explained to me that  Viadalia onion is a sweet onion with little to no traditional onion taste. The thick cut onion was a great texture and the crispy coating was a flaky, golden buttermilk inspired batter that pulled the side dish together. Mot onion rings ask for or are significantly complimented by a dipping sauce of some kind. These defied and almost dared you to dip as you’d be missing out on the taste bud dance of joy. By far this was one of the best burger meals I’ve ever eaten.

Dinner in ATL again!

Dinner time! Burger and Onion Rings. Who knew vidalia onions were amazing

 Again, by this point in the day I was ready for a drink. This definitely hit the spot and quenched the thirst. This would be dangerous if I lived here.

Whiskey Lemonade... mmmmmm.

I think the sign says it all. I’m drinking this.

Drinks with dinner

After today I needed a beverage filled with whiskey.

A a whole this meal was awesome. I can’t recommend Grind House enough if you’re ever in the Piedmont / Lindbergh area.

Grindhouse Burger killed it

The Grindhouse double with “hillbilly” style. Chile, pimento Cheese, Jalapenos, Chilies and onion.

Every restroom should have a Star Wars gem hidden somewhere. On the side of the paper towel dispenser was where I found this item that basically equates to a secret wormhole tube in Super Mario Brothers. Especially this image is perfect. Is Luke dropping a deuce, taking a Cleveland Steamer on Degoba, pondering his very existence dn that of his Dark Lord father or is he just carrying around a little green alien Jedi Master and doing flips n stuff. Like those initials I have no idea, but I like it. Overall this night ended well.

Restroom finds are the best

Restroom finds are the best


Tardies, Travesties and Going Fast in the ATL

“it is not the ghost that kills the children, but the governess’s hysterical belief that a ghost exists.”

Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (Introduction; speaking on Henry James’s The Turn of A Screw)

Day one has been full of ups and downs but in the end my goal was to get on the road and begin this adventure, to take a risk and do something new and exciting. We so often complain about the way our lives are going and who we have to answer to and how we exist on a day to day basis. There is a broad world out there waiting for those who wish to seize it and absorb all that it has to offer. This can happen in many ways from education to action, but it all takes initiative. This summer has marked a few things for me that I want to change about myself. Trying to be healthier, rehab a bad knee from a feline related injury (ugh, cats), challenge myself professionally and seek out personal happiness and growth. Part of this has to do with learning to be content. I have always had the ability to let things roll off my back when necessary, stress can be the root of evil and hemorrhoids… no one wants hemorrhoids. Anyway, I’m starting a journey of complete well being, I don’t know what path it will take but maybe this long route around the country is a jump start in the right direction of newness in life. I’m a happy man, but I could be happier. In the end isn’t that what life is, making it what we want it to be? The reality could be as simple as our own willpower, life is what you make of it. Nothing more, nothing less. So what not make the most of it… don’t let the ghosts get you.

Day One

So thanks to a meeting at work, installing a belligerent set of pipes, and all around buttoning up the homestead I got on the road much later than expected. Oh, did I forget a dead battery. I guess when you spend two days fixing tail lights you’re bound to drain it when you leave the blinkers running for a few hours. Smooth move exlax. Thank goodness for multiple vehicles and jumper cables. Three hours later than aimed for and one hour later than expected I begin my journey into the void. Oh and yes, that’s a stormtrooper bandana.

Beginning the trip with a promotional plug

Beginning the trip with a promotional plug

I figured a quick stop at the beach for a shot would best express the start of this. That there is the Atlantic ocean gang. It big, its salty, I blame it for killing my grill.

You can't go coast to coast unless actually starting from one

You can’t go coast to coast unless actually starting from one

Today’s ride: Actual mileage – 423 miles (I forgot something) / Top Speed – 105 mph (Sorry Mom… sometimes fast sneaks up on you) / Best Song – “Baby” (by Ghostface Killah)

The adventure begins on a familiar stretch of road

The adventure begins on a familiar stretch of road

Upon arrival in Atlanta it was quickly pointed out to me that my bike looked a little funny. Apparently along the way my exhaust decided it had enough of my shenanigans… I can’t say I blame it. Now the search for a new set begins bright and early in the morning. Three state search, hopefully a salvage yard can help me out if not, we’re tapping the emergency funds a bit early. Here’s hoping the trip has not reached an unexpected conclusion. I really should be upset, but I’m oddly calm about the whole thing. Positive vibes maybe, wistful thinking, maybe I’m just road drunk from all that asphalt.

Discovered this upon arrival. I should really be freaking out way more than  I am.

Discovered this upon arrival. I should really be freaking out way more than I am.

So they’re terrible pictures. I had to left hand it because of a weird shadow and things did not go as planned. I promise to do better. Nonetheless, on the promise of Pork Buns I was talked into this wonderful stop at the Canton House just outside of Atlanta proper. Dim Sum was the choice of the night and we stuffed ourselves on tiny Asian delights. Steamed pork buns are always a hit with me if done well and these were. They also added a sweet fried pork bun which didn’t quite hit my same happy spot. Shrimp dumplings, chicken dumplings, lotus leaf rice, sweet spare ribs and sugar cane shrimp completed our selections for the meal. Lots of water was drank to hydrate from the day and it was perfect to wash it all done. Great dim sum if you’re in the Chamblee area, which also sports a huge multi-ethnic variety of restaurant options as you go up and down Buford Hwy. Canton House does Dim Sum for lunch and dinner as well, both at the same price, that’s a rarity these days.

Canton House

A stop for sleep and a meal. Pork buns and dumplings of all kinds!

Bad pictures make me want to say less. Though my belly and the next two hours of pork bun belches begged to differ. Deliciousness.

Canton House - Atlanta, GA

More shaky food photos from the night. I promise to do better. I blame it on the shock from just realized bike destruction.

For reference I felt it important to note what Black Sugar looked like before the ride began. All dressed out and buttoned up.

Before the upheaval of mildly catastrophic proportions. You can't tell me she ain't pretty.

Before the upheaval of mildly catastrophic proportions. You can’t tell me she ain’t pretty.