Broken But Not Beaten

“The test of the machine is the satisfaction it gives you. There isn’t any other test. If the machine produces tranquility it’s right. If it disturbs you it’s wrong until either the machine or your mind is changed.”

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

I started some time ago talking about whether or not I was really doing this alone. Or at least the idea that I’ve realized that I can do very little alone. This has rang through so many times during this whole experience. Today has sat with me largely because of two people. Neither of whom I know very well, but both have lifted my spirits and fed me a little wisdom to move me forward. In this world of virtual connectivity that we all so often exist within its easy to become distant and detached, allowing only keystrokes to maintain those relationships that once required conversations and in-person connection.  My day was brightened ever so slightly and put into context by two of those connections today. Both met in person in the recent past, but neither overly deep. One at a time when this trip was beginning to tear at me, his daily lightheartedness and friendly persona was a relief to my spirit and a renewal of an ideal that I thought lost. The second being someone I met years ago and saw again overseas.  Though both had kind truthful words to share today that meant something real to me.

I love my family and friends, they are my rock upon which I build my life. I don’t express that enough. It is truly through them all that I find reasons to continue moving forward. I have been through hardship and heartache but in the end they’re still there. My friend, nay, my brother who is with me today has been a consistent source of support and strength during my darkest hours. This has been no exception. I say all of this to say that hardships come and go. We are not defined by the number of times we are knocked down but by how often we get back up. We are left scarred and bruised but those do not equate the sum of our parts. I always tell my friends, especially those I know share the faith, that God never gives us more than we can handle. “If He brings us to it, He’ll bring us through it.” If I believe that then why am I so frustrated. If I am going to talk the talk than I also need to walk the walk. This is a challenge, in every way. I will take from it and learn from it what I can, but I will not let it beat me. I’m better than this… today I chose to get back up.

Day Seventeen

Today is a day that I’ve committed myself to getting some work done. Yesterday I happily slacked off and didn’t shoot a single photo of the event. Today I’m geared up with both cameras and ready to work. I strategically set up my day to provide some particular photo opps. The one thing I didn’t get in my previous years of shooting was good road shots while riding. Photographing the act of biking to some extent. So the GoPro plays heavily into this years work. I tried last year but just didn’t really get the images I wanted. I felt it wasn’t telling the story that was meant to be told. So that is my goal this year. While the portraits and one-on-one engagement is still the meat and potatoes of the biker project it feels incomplete without the other imagery. So my hope to round it out with these images taken today and next week at another rally in Cleveland. So today I’m sticking with my people and riding as a group to do what I need to in order to capture the shots.

Today’s agenda included going to run errands first with Big Red, Pit Stop and the State Burners. Namely getting something to drink for later and meeting with DemDamDawgs out at a BBQ spot. I was supposed to roll with the Rough Riders first but their time kept getting pushed back. So its off to get some food. No pictures of this one, but we ended up at Billy Simms BBQ. I got a sandwich called the Heisman. Chopped brisket over hot links on a toasted bun… and I said I didn’t really want anything heavy. Yeah, this sandwich was slammin’. The brisket was perfectly cooked and the sauces really pulled it all together. I’m the guy who likes things hot enough to burn your face off so the hot links weren’t spicy enough, but they never are. So the addition of some peppers and pickles were a nice touch to add to the heat level. Pit Stop and Big Red had the rib platter. It was outstanding, it was also the last order of ribs, the group after us left because there were none left. When a BBQ place runs out of something by 3pm, you know its good.

From there it was errand time. Too hot to go the field still so we wanted to relax a bit. So off to buy some beer for later and cigars for the fellas. I’ve been toting around a fancy leather wrapped french pipe  so I’m good. Though the peaches and creme tobacco smells amazing. Back at the hotel we all relaxed and caught up. Smoked the pipe and had a drink.  We all rallied for dinner a few hours later for a stop Big Red wanted to make. Spudders.

So we may have been duped on this one. Spudders is a steakhouse in Tulsa, it was featured on Man Vs Food and gets pretty solid word of mouth. We rolled in with the Rough Riders after Big Red took us on an impromptu “tour” around that area of town. In other words we got lost. Haha. And if you’ve never been lost with a group of older riders when they want to eat, it gets touchy. Just saying. So we roll in and finally get seated. 14 of us and it was a tricky scenario with a party of that size coming in suddenly and believe me, people were hungry. Nonetheless, we all sit and order drinks, which takes exceptionally long just for water for most of us.

Around the table most of us ordered steaks, or some sort of variation. The prices were a bit high but not astronomical. The food finally came out. When I say finally, it was a good while. I think everyone hit the frustrating point. I honestly wasn’t that hungry after the BBQ  sandwich I had at lunch. My belly was pretty content so I wanted something small. Since they were out of steak tips the next thing that caught my eye was chicken livers. It’s not something you see on a menu very often so I thought I’d try it out, I used to love them as a kid along with gizzards.  I have to admit, they were well cooked, not overly tough and breaded well. Like all liver though they were dry and needed gravy… no gravy. That was a little of a let down. Actually as a whole unless people got a steak then they were a bit let down. To be a steakhouse with as much positive feedback as it had I was disappointed as were many. I don’t think I can recommend this one. Pit Stop had some crab cakes that were horrendous. Pass it up.

After that we went back to the field for a few hours. I photographed along the entire way and it was just the opportunity I was looking for. I was able to capture some video as well and I have to figure out what to do with that. All in all though I think I got the stuff I missed from last year. There are a few other shots that I think would be a good addition and I’ll keep working to pull those into the mix. But if these come out I think I can call this project a wrap to some extent and begin looking forward to the amassing of images for exhibition. First a website though. Priorities. I won’t post any of those pics. Those are saved for the real deal, but here are two random ones from the Roundup this year.

Yeah that dude has an LED display on his swingarm. What of it!?!

Yeah that dude has an LED display on his swingarm. What of it!?!

Bet his tricycle can beat up your tricycle.

Bet his tricycle can beat up your tricycle.

Other than hanging out with the Rough Riders and a few others we knew the Roundup ended smoothly for us. There are events tomorrow but we won’t go. We hit the road early for St Louis. The one moment of ridiculous was coming back to the field tonight though. Apparently the speedway was at capacity so the police weren’t letting anyone in. The reasonable answer was of course to sneak us in the back. So we ride around the back and they send up through a literal fi

eld of like 18″ grass and bumps, holes, and everything else to the back of the drag strip for like two miles. It was madness. It was also hysterical though. These are the moments I cherish from this type of trip, only with my motorcycle family. All the madness almost feels worth it. Another successful Roundup complete.

All tucked in for the night

All tucked in for the night


Just Breathe….

“The true system, the real system, is our present construction of systematic thought itself, rationality itself, and if a factory is torn down but the rationality which produced it is left standing, then that rationality will simply produce another factory. If a revolution destroys a systematic government, but the systematic patterns of thought that produced that government are left intact, then those patterns will repeat themselves in the succeeding government. There’s so much talk about the system. And so little understanding.”

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

I’m not really sure what to take from all of this. My mind today is stuck really on one little minute moment that I brought up in my last post. Brotherhood. I’ve spent the last month or so preaching the love of biker brotherhood. The unspoken rules and regulations that we buy into as part of this lifestyle. Except yesterday I stood on a hot street in almost literally the middle of nowhere and watched three clubs, heading to the same place as me, ride right past without a word or a nod to see if I was okay. You don’t do that. Not as a biker. But what about as a black biker. There something about it that feels so racially biased. Like me, most of them were black, all even if I remember correctly. The reason this quote sticks at me is because of the conversation about the “system”. So many black people I know talk about the “man” and the “system” keeping them from achieving or limiting access and while I can’t say I disagree in full, to some extent we have to look at ourselves. I’m not saying this doesn’t effect others beyond my race, but I can only really speak for myself and my knowledge. I’ve consistently had white bikers stop over the years, including yesterday, when I’ve been on the side of the road. 99% of the time I was fine, grabbing some water or switching helmets or something, but nonetheless they checked. I see this, an occasion where I’m heading to a predominantly, historically black event, to celebrate the culture of black bikers and biker lifestyle in general and not a single black face stopped to help. To me that’s a sign of something so much larger. That’s a sign of a lack of self respect, and respect for your neighbor and in our black communities often the same lack of respect that leads to black on black violence and crime. It may seem like a leap, but I don’t think so. Its a micro-cosmos of the whole. It saddens me deeply, it scares me and makes me lose a little more hope in ever seeing a day where we move beyond our current condition. Sure there may be a systematic method for limiting our access to better lives but what does it matter when so many of us are so concerned with ourselves we can’t see beyond our little world to do the little decent things that make function as a society, as a whole, instead of a gathering of desperate individuals. I’m sorry I’m rambling. My head isn’t fully in this today. I’m still a little jarred from yesterday and how I’m feeling today.

Day Sixteen

Its not that today was uneventful, but it was slow moving. Partly because I feel like I’m still pulling it together from yesterday. I can’t say I feel much better. I still feel like I’ve been chewed up and spit out raw by this whole thing. My energy is drained, I’m angry and frustrated at myself, the trip, everything about it actually. Today I am not in a good place.

A few things did happen today though to move the day along at least. In the morning we went to Waffle House for breakfast. Lisa Lisa, Big Red,Pit Stop and myself all went and took the morning to get a bit to prepare for the day. Afterwards we had to run to the Harley shop and take care of some little things, I needed a new piece of hose for my shocks and to get into my battery compartment and I didn’t have the right screwdriver. We also just tend to end up at the Harley shop as most of my riding family are Harley Davidson die-hards and its like going to church for them. So that was our next stop. Beforehand though Big Red and I rode out to the Tulsa Speedway to pick up my credentials for the rally since it tends to get busy at the gate at night. Then back to the hotel to pick up some stragglers and off to HD. Once there we actually bumped into Chief from the Toros, Lisa Lisa’s bother and hung out for a bit. I took care of my needs and got my charger working.  After that it was back to the hotel once again.

At this point Big Red and Pit Stop decided to go to visit the historic Greenwood Cultural Center and Black Wall Street areas. This was once a central point for black businesses and hub of financial exchange which is now commemorated by various things. I would swing by later but first wanted to take care of some little things. I finally got my hotel room, I unpacked and cleaned the bike and I showered. All things that desperately needed to be done.

A clean set of two's always makes you feel a little better.

A clean set of two’s always makes you feel a little better.

After this I took it easy. I made some calls and got dressed to go meet everyone out at the field at the Speedway. First I went stopped to get a new sd card for the GoPro, and a visit to the Black Wall Street area. As we said, “you have to know your history.” Then out to the field. I usually take pictures like a madman while there. Honestly this year I was too exhausted. I found the Rough Riders tent which is Dirty Red’s club.  We chatted for a bit and I dropped off beers in a cooler and then went over to the drag-strip where everyone was.  We caught up and watched races for the next two hours or so. Some poor man named Pete was embarrassed so bad he may never leave home again. He got beat so bad that in the announcers words’ “Pete was so slow he couldn’t catch himself.” We had a good time though. It was honestly nice to just not have anything to do.

Know your history.

Know your history.

Pete took a beating on the pavement today.

Pete took a beating on the pavement today.

My boy Big Red used to live in Denver so he knows lots of dudes from the set out there. Actually most of the guys I know are vicariously through that set as well, other than the old heads from Nap. Which is great because it keeps me diverse in my riding crew. A number of the Denver dudes were in though. DemDamDawgs was running deep and as always came up all the way on two’s. Kaveman and his crew did it as always. We respect those that ride all the way unless you have a valid reason not to. You gotta earn your place on the set. I’ve only towed to one for safety reasons. I’ll never do that again, its just not the life for me. Some of the State Burners from St Louis also came up, Game and Eezy. They ran with us the rest of the night and part of the next day. Those are good dudes, really all my people are. That’s what still bothers me so much about the day before. We’re young on the set, but we know the rules of the game. I credit Big Red, Realwun and Dirty Red for helping me learn it quick. But I also see it in these young cats. We respect it, we live it, we treat it with the honesty it deserves. How it is that whole clubs and others treat the code and the life like a throwaway item yet claim to live it? It hurts.

Reunion Time. Demdamdawgs and the fellas representing.

Reunion Time. Demdamdawgs and the fellas representing.

Then it was back to the tent and a few beers. There was a jazz concert that night out on the main stage and while my friends went over to watch I relaxed at the tent with drinks. You could hear the music wafting through the air and it was perfect. We called it a night around 12:30 and hopped back on our scoots to head back to the hotel. Of course no night was complete without another Waffle House visit. I really don’t think you need to see pictures of my cheddar jalapeno biscuit and hot tea. Needless to say it hit the spot. Today turned out to be not so bad after all.

Everywhich Way But Loose

“Precision instruments are designed to achieve an idea, dimensional precision, whose perfection is impossible.”

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

So this phrase had me thinking about this idea of perfection. Which as I’ve discussed before is an issue of mine when it comes to planning and control. Is perfection really impossible? If it is then it that what drives my desire to succeed, the attempt to capture or manifest something that can never really happen? I’m beginning to think this is true. I once had a painting teacher say that he never sought to paint what sits in front of him, but yet his interpretation of that thing. Because if he wanted an image of that thing he’d just take a picture. This was an interesting idea to me because still to this day it rings true. I think it is the journey that I seek, the tale that surrounds it, the drama even at times. Because if it gets perfected or completed flawlessly then whats the point of seeking something that ends so finite and leaves no potential for improvement. Or maybe more importantly it’s that the idea of the thing is already perfect. While the final my never be as intended the pure intention is the important component.



Day Fifteen

 So today is the day I look forward to every summer. The first day of the Biker Roundup. It’s the day I get together with one of my best friends, wherever we may be that year and spend the next three days with he and his father, their respective motorcycle clubs to ride the streets and fraternize with my biker family. That’s who this is to me, not just a collection of people, but a collection that is family after so many years.

Today started out like any of those other days. I left from KC about 8:30 am and went to the bank and to drop off a birthday card for a friend. After talking for a while I headed out toward Tulsa. The ride was good headed through the back roads of southern Kansas. I ended up taking the less traveled route to avoid the tolls which are a plenty as you go through to Oklahoma.

One of the things I enjoy about this Road King is that when all loaded down it wants to control my speed for me. It does a pretty good job of capping me out at around 80 mph. I  feel like this is good for me. I have a tendency to want to pick up some speed and kick up some dust. So the back roads were treating me well. Though unfortunately the small town police didn’t appreciate my new-found desire to travel at lower speeds. I missed a speed limit drop and next thing I knew was looking at sirens. 10 miles over apparently deserves a ticket. Ugh.

Things Get Real

Back on the road this is when things got tricky. After a few hours, into what should only have been a four-hour ride I was looking forward to rolling into Tulsa by 3pm. Well I noticed the bike pulling strangely so I looked everything over and primarily checked tires and all looked good. Back on the road it got drastically worse about 15 minutes later as the back-end began sliding out from under me completely. That’s a flat back tire.

After a look, I was right, completely flat. Oddly a guy with an air compressor truck immediately stopped to help and we tried to fill it. Tried, being the key word it was losing as fast as we were filling. I hadn’t hit anything so we couldn’t figure what was happening other than maybe it came off the wheel just slightly. So time for emergency roadside assistance. The insurance was called and we pushed to get a lift to a shop.

Unfortunately when you’re in the middle of nowhere things take a while and I was in the middle of nowhere. Mile marker 32 down US-169 South, just past Thayer. My directions were specific and exact. Though it took sometime to clarify everything. After finishing up the call, I went to charge the battery on my phone and to no luck, my charger had a busted fuse. So strategic phone powering for a bit. But first a text to my friend so if I end up on the news missing someone knows where I was.

Stranded windshield notes...

Stranded windshield notes…

The tow truck finally got there and we push the bike onto the lift and head back in the opposite direction toward Chanute, KS and a shop that can change the tire. The shop was closing in an hour so we had to rush it. They got the tire done at some expense, and were nice enough guys. Though the almost two hours stranded on the side of the road now turned into three and a half and I missed my check in deadline for the hotel in Tulsa. So we cancelled the room and just waited to see if I’d make it in before the morning.

Back on the road about 6:45pm I pushed on. At this point delirious from the multitude of issues this trip has wrought upon me. A flat tire just happens, I get it. But that tire was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Financially and emotionally. All I could now do was laugh and panic at how much I’ve tapped into every resource. But I had to get to Tulsa. I rode until I needed gas and while filling up met a group of Zodiacs from Higginsville, MO (I believe, Higgins….). They asked me if I wanted to ride with them the rest of the way and they were some much needed company. A little older, they were road tested and took their time for a quick Walmart stop but the company and conversation was worth the extra time added.

Finally rolling into the hotel at 8pm, I hunted down my crew at the track and waited for them to come get me into a room. Dirty Red was gonna let me crash on his couch for the night. My second dad always comes through for me. It took just over an hour to meet up, in that time I grabbed my first meal of the day and snoozed on the sidewalk outside the check in area while my phone charged in an outdoor outlet. I was exhausted.

Once my people arrived, my boy Big Red immediately knew that I was done. The first thing he did was give me a hug, told me he was glad I made it safe and put the rest of a bottle of Jack Daniels in my hand and said, “it’s all yours.” I love my brother, he knew not even to push the night on me. He helped me unload the bike into his pops room, and said we’ll see you in the morning but I’ll text you tonight if you feel like coming out. And that’s how the night ended. Eventually curled up on a couch without extra blankets in the hotel so a sweatshirt for a blanket and a towel around my feet.

Parking lot full of my road family

Parking lot full of my road family

No way this dude has been here only one day!?

No way this dude has been here only one day!?

All in all, I can say one thing at this point. This trip has beaten me. Crushed me and broken me. I don’t want to continue, I just want to go home. In every sense of the word I’m exhausted. I don’t think I have anything left in the tank. Today has given me a flat that set me 20 minutes and 30 miles back with three big guys piled into a truck cab, not pleasant. Paying almost $400 for an emergency tire, even less pleasant. Watching three clubs ride past while broken down on the side of the road, the least pleasant. That’s what you do as a biker, you check on your own. When someone is standing out on the side of the road you check on them. Enough said. Either way I’m in debt, I’m tired, I’m worried and I’m done.

Today’s Map:

Apprx Miles: 205 miles / Actual: 263 miles / Top Speed: 80 mph / I’m too exhausted to take note of anything else

* Addendum: This post is finally going up

three days late. Two more posts will follow

by the end of the day.

All Roads Lead Somewhere

“We are at the classic-romantic barrier now, where on one side we see a cycle as it appears immediately – and this is an important way of seeing it – and on the other side where we can begin to see it as a mechanic does in terms of underlying form – and this is an important way of seeing things too.”

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

So that barrier. I’m not thinking about it in the same terms as Pirsig addresses it here. Although maybe I am. I see this vision of the ideal vs the actual. I am a proponent of the actual. The ideal is a fantasy that continuously leads one astray. It’s the pessimist point of view, but it keeps me grounded and forces me to evaluate each decision. I don’t mind that. But it also makes me thing about the importance of being aware to both sides of the coin. That within each moment there are two sides, with each decision, every option is valid. Not to say each is ideal but each is valid. That is something I often forget.

I tend to get blinded by my own rationale and motives. Hopefully not to the detriment of others but definitely to the completion of the task at hand. Even in relationships its easy to forget that the pendulum swings both ways and that all things must be taken into consideration. I think I’m going through that in life. I find myself at a personal / professional impasse and wonder how to rectify what my heart wants to move forward vs what my head tells me to do. Maybe we all walk that path. My head usually wins these battles. Practicality and reason to me are key decison factors but there are times the heart wants what it wants. Right now both are fighting to be louder than the other.

Day Fourteen

Today something happened.

I realized I’m not finishing this book. The loss of days has taken its toll and I realized that its hard to read every night when you’re sleepy! Or when catching up with old friends or your wonderful hosts, the last thing you want is to be rude and disappear to read when you could be laughing over beers. Its like 500 pages and I’m not far enough in. But I will continue and I may continue to blog until the end of it, even from home. So there’s that revelation.

In the meantime, I departed for Tulsa, OK today but not before deciding to spend the night in Kansas City. I put out a call to friends to see who might put me up, or put up with me and thankfully multiple replied. Even those closer to Manhattan, and I thank them dearly but it’s just too far out-of-the-way. So oddly in the end it was two former students who offered me a place to lay my head. It’s wonderful that my profession has allowed me to form friendships from what were mentor relationships. Not that every student and I are close, but those that are like little brothers and sisters to me and that is a positive. I enjoy seeing them succeed and move forward in life. Still to this day I’d bend over backwards for them.

So after a multitude of early morning phone calls, I got on the road about two hours later than planned. For some reason everyone and their mother decided to call me this morning. So my day lagged behind the start I had hoped for meaning I was going to be running in the heat, which is exactly what I was hoping to avoid.

The Mighty Mississippi

The Mighty Mississippi



So the long road south began. Within an hour or a little more though I realized the excellence of this journey. The National Motorcycle Museum sat in my path and of course this is a necessary stop, no questions asked. I was like a kid in candy store, needless to say I was overly geeked. So here’s a few pictures from what absorbed the next almost two hours of the trip.















After that I made a hop back an exit to JP Cycles to make a buy for my man who had a busted part on his bike. Unfortunately they didn’t have the part but they did have my mirror adapters. So after grabbing what I needed I got back on the road. Though not before realizing my shoe was in the midst of a blowout, so more duct tape


The drive to KC then began. Overall it wasn’t bad. I realized that without the extra weight of 20 something days worth of stuff my new bike gets a bout 45 miles to the gallon but once loaded down I lose about 5 miles per gallon. That made me a little sad, but that’s also to be expected.

I felt the need for at least one picture in Iowa. This seemed appropriate as the first person I met from Iowa was from Grinnell. Since I was here for gas I decided this was a good photo opportunity. Plus Iowa is all hay bales and barns… but it was a great midwest drive. It reminded me of home in a way.


The arrival into KC was about an hour later than hoped because of the long stop earlier but I arrived and met my two former students Matt, who was putting me up for the night and Ally at a new BBQ restaurant there in town. Before I go into that, I will just point out that these two are great. Matt maybe is the central figure in what is my favorite study abroad story of all time and Ally was always one the funniest and most genuine people I’ve ever had in class, who also designed a sweet Dept Pub Crawl T-Shirt back in the day. Back to the point at hand though, food.

We went to Q39, a new spot in town. It’s really trendy and cool, they claim to have won a number of awards. Thesse are all things that concern me from the jump. BBQ joints to me should be a hole in the walls for them to be really good. The trendy new “cool” place scares me away sometimes, but we’re here now. Two things immediately calmed my nerves though, the first being an impressive craft been list – I went with a New Belgium 1554 Black Ale.The second was the amazing aroma of BBQ in the air, it smelled amazing. I went with a 3 Meat Sampler plate – homemade chorizo sausage, brisket and ribs with baked beans and a white bean cassoulet.




The BBQ was delicious, it was really dialed in by the sauce which had a great whiskey hint to it in every bite. The ribs were by far the best part of the meats, and were tender and perfectly cooked. I really can’t say enough about the quality of the food. It was a perfect meal to end my driving for the day. They seemed to really find the balance between the smoke, heat and traditional taste of the chorizo. The brisket was the ideal texture which is often my issue with it, many places overcook it. Q39 nailed it, I can see why they win stuff. The flavors really all came together, but the smoke taste was throughout and really that’s the best part to a good BBQ. Sweet with a hint of spice, the sauce also livened up the entire meal. The meets were all tender and well cooked.


As you can see, I devoured the whole thing. I couldnt’ have been more surprised and more impressed by something I thought I wouldn’t enjoy. it’s a good addition to the long list of Kansas City BBQ spots. I’d absolutely recommend it. I’ll also add my saying that I have never really been a fan of beans of any kind but both sides were delicious as well. Sure it may have been the meat in them that helped but that works for me.

After dinner I went to Matt’s’ and he showed me around and set up my bed. The best part about this though was as we’re setting up Sharknado 2 comes on. I can only imagine how amazing the first was and now I need to go watch it. Immediately. I’m going to go dream of sharks, bombs, tornadoes, and b-list actors now.

Today’s Map:

Apprx Miles: 435 / Top Speed: 85 / Best Song: Who cares, I went to the National Motorcycle Museum… that’s the best moment.

Big Bear Chase Me

*Just a note. This will be the first of a number of

back to back posts catching everyone up. Internet has been

extremely spotty as have other issues


“A photograph can show an image in which time is static, a mirror can show an image in which time is dynamic.”

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Its odd how you begin to process information so differently. I feel like this trip, which I think its fair to call it a journey. This journey, has made me step back to view it almost in 3rd person. Like I’m watching a television show and almost simultaneously intrigued and disgusted. Today I find myself thoroughly intrigued. I’ve been trying to think about having faith. My devotional backed this today as it talked about Isiah and faith through his words, also the past few days as seen through the actions of the apostle Paul. Faith is hard, its challenging and it doesn’t come easy. I think thats the thing most people don’t see. They think its easy and a cop out. That you’re some rube for believing in something you can’t see or putting something in the hands of the divine because you can’t do it yourself. Its neither of those. Its a matter of knowing there’s something beyond you and tapping into the interconnectivity of the universe. Its about having the ability to grasp what happens in your life and keep pushing forward knowing its not going to beat you. Its not about giving up at all, its about seizing it fully and completely.

Day Thirteen

So still in Galena, IL today I had to ride out to Rockford, IL to file the police report. I have to head back west in order to head toward Tulsa so it makes sense if I stay here again. And at least I know someone to hang out with. That being said, this morning I hit the road to go fill out the police report.

What a ride. I don’t think until today I really realized how good the bike rode. The US Highway to Rockford went through a number of small towns and over hills and in beautiful country. The Road King handled them like a champ. Actually that’s where the title of this one comes in. Does anyone remember the scene in Armageddon where they’re looking for Micheal Clark Duncan, “Bear”. Bruce Willis says soemthing like, “he’ll be the only big black man in Virginia riding a Big Dog” and they cut to the scene of him hitting the dirt roads with the police chasing him on the bike, dirt cloud billowing behind him over the hills and the road. That’s how I felt today, like nothing could get in my way.

Anyway, it was somewhat uneventful as to the stop in Rockford itself. I went into the police station, filled out the report with the very nice officer and then turned right around and came back. I relaxed and took care of insurance stuff today mostly. Called to make sure the paperwork was all in order and there was nothing else needed from me. Uploaded the report and checked my status with the Harley shop back in LaCrosse as they’re putting together a repair / total estimate for the insurance adjuster. Basically did all those things you do after filing a claim.

I did go walk around Galena more. I went to the river and the other small historic area in town. It does have a draw to it. Most of the shops closed at 5pm which was a bit of a downer since I had saw a shop that sold a plethora of hot sauces. I wanted to try something new to burn my insides. Nonetheless though it provided time for a beer or two in the middle of the day and a chance to snap some photos.




I decided to ask my friend if she wanted to grab dinner, so we ended up at a steakhouse that has good reviews and the menu caught my eye earlier when I was going through downtown. Plus I love steak. I’m a carnivore at heart playing the role of an omnivore on stage. Actually I’ve drastically cut down on my red meat consumption, part of the whole new and better me plan. Either way we went to Log Cabin steakhouse. It was delicious. There’s no photos from this because it was kind of dark inside and it didn’t seem like the right atmosphere for it. Plus they’d have come out badly.

The meal itself though was on point. I debated the pork chop because I wasn’t terribly hungry, I had an appetizer with a beer a few hours earlier. Or considered the Bit O Each, which was a sampler of a porkchop and their local best steak cut. I was talked into the second one and could’t be happier. The portions weren’t as big as I feared. The pork chop was tender and juicy, grilled to perfection and seasoned just right, with a hint of pepper and thyme that came through and a slight citrus that infused with the juices. The steak was a perfectly cooked medium and equally as delicious. Tender, with a hint of char from a grill and a perfectly flavored. The aroma of the steak really took over the plate and was a perfect compliment to the pork chop. My only complaint was the salad. I haven’t had one in probably a week and it was drenched in dressing. This made me sad. But my inner meat eating belly dinosaur was content that he had been satiated.

The rest of the night was nice. We chit chatted a bit and then I got caught in some rain so we sat outside to talk while waiting for it to let up. Even though it wasn’t far back to my hotel I didn’t want to get soaked. It was really nice of her to hang out with me. It was funny people watching in a small town like that. Trying to figure out what those few people still out and about on a Tuesday night are doing at what wasn’t very late, but late by small town time. The streets in most places I’ve lived and been would still be bustling with energy and bodies. Soon after the rain lessened and I decided I could ride in that. After a goodbye to another friend from the road I headed to the hotel to finish packing and prepare for the ride out in the morning. Again, my friends are awesome.

I have decided I would not make the trip to Colorado. This hurts the most. I really wanted to see little Bennett and the family. I can’t tell you how much I miss my best friend from the Kansas days. Monica will always be my pale skinned sister who tans like a champ and is the most urban country spirit ever. I love those Leikers. So this means a special trip has to be planned sooner rather than later. I’m sure while there they may even try and talk me into opening my bar.

Today’s Map

Apprx Miles: 160 / Top Speed: 90 / Best Moment: Learning to use the cruise control. I must have rode three miles with no hands / Best Song: “Ain’t to Proud to Beg” by the Temptations

Pleasant round trip to visit the police… never thought I’d say that.

If nothing else this trip has shown me just how gorgeous our country can be. It saddens me in a way because there’s so much ugliness attached to it. Politics, war, racism, poverty, you name it and its there. Its muddies the water of what this place is and makes people like me convicted to committing to this place. My heart so often isn’t in it. I want to leave and run far away, to get away from all the stuff that makes me afraid to start a family sometimes, stop in small towns or walk streets at night or believing in those who are supposed to help the masses. Out here though, on this open road, right now… its beautiful.

He Rode In On a Kawasaki and Away On a Harley

 “He traveled alone. Always. Even in the presence of others he was completely alone.People sometimes felt this and felt rejected by it, and so did not like him, but their dislike was not important to him.”

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

There’s something about being lost that helps you find yourself. Or maybe more importantly, find your center. Its funny a few things have happened since the Great Moto Debacle. I realized sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy what comes at you, but also realize that sometimes you can find great joy in simplicity. That simplicity is what has stuck with me today. My plan was complicated, eventful, forced. Today I’m taking the day as it comes. I had one simple task and completed it to success, getting to Galena, IL. I have no idea what the next two days will bring prior to Tulsa. Simplicity. We make things complex, I think because we think that makes them more valid or important. Though if we look at nature some of the most amazing things are the most simple. I guess that’s why I wanted to see the Grand Canyon on this go around. Its just a giant crack in the ground. A simple accident of nature, but its supposedly amazing. I’ve always scoffed at it. Largely because I crave complexity. I utilize it in speech, in action, in my very nature. The truth is though I enjoy the simple moments much better. I feel like I have to put on airs though so people see more in me. Its lame. I do my best not to posture, but given the opportunity I’ll eat up the spotlight with the best of them. Maybe therein lies the problem. Learning to be content with the small things, the simple things.

Day Twelve


Today feels like a day of rest in comparison. While my mind is still racing from the events of the past few days. I still can’t believe I bought a new bike. I also can’t believe I’m in the tiny little town of Galena, IL. On the plus side I do feel like I rode out of Wisconsin like a boss.


Why, you might ask? Well, its a simple answer. I need a police report. I was backed into on the bike and the insurance company wants to file that as the reason for the issues. So while there’s no visible damage I need an accident report from Rockford, IL. But I know someone outside of Galena and they said it was beautiful here, so here I am. We could all use a little more beauty in life, right!



Its is a quaintly cool little town. Very rustic, sitting on a river and with that charming small town character. But this river does nothing compared to the big one. The other reason I like being here. The mighty Mississippi. Last night I rode across it, just because, and to hang out with my friend. Let me tell you, I had chills and a turning in my stomach. Not of fear or nervousness but of awe. Something about going across on the motorcycle meant something. It touched me in my gut, not in a creepy weird way. Lol. I suddenly felt like no matter what else happens along this trip I’ve accomplished something important. Maybe not for anyone else other than me, but important nonetheless.




Other than that I just wandered the little downtown of Galena. Apparently its the home of Ulysses S. Grant, and where some stuff from Field of Dreams was filmed. I was honestly in more of a desperate need for a beer and a bite. So I popped into the local brewery and sat down to read and slow down my day over a meal.


While nothing overly fancy, I can’t pass up Galena Brewery, a local brewery and tasting the local beers. I go for the flight as a broad sampling. My usual tastes prevail and I find myself disenchanted with the IPA and Cream Ale, the Heifewiezen was surprisingly disappointing as well. The last three did it for me. As always the Oatmeal Stout to finish it up was a chocolately coffee delight, but the surprise winner here was the Brown Ale. While I enjoy them, this one really was something special. The nutty taste was complimented with a coffee taste that settled nicely and really packed a full flavor. I was really caught off guard by this one. I’d come back for i if around longer.


As you can see the wings were delicious. They had a special that I couldn’t pass up. Plus having not eaten anything but a little watermelon earlier I figured I should eat well before drinking a full flight. But mission accomplished. The real treat here though was the beer. The wings were meaty and baked which is awesome, but I wasn’t blown away with either flavor (siracha and med/buffalo).

The night ended after my jaunt around Dubuque, the town just across the Mississippi. I rode the highways and played with all the new bells and whistles at my disposal on the bike. Spotlights, who knew!? My friend took a ride with me and showed me the sites, well it was at night so not really. We rode aimlessly into what turned out to be creepy nature recreation area when the sun was down. She did show me around downtown a bit though and we walked the riverwalk along the Mississippi, again that’s a mighty river. It was pretty awesome. I’ll have to get a shot or two the next time I cross.

So now its down for the night and preparing to head to Rockford tomorrow morning. The only thing to be determined is what to do after that. Stay the night again or head elsewhere, CO maybe. I have a little Bennett awaiting my arrival.

Today’s Map:

Apprx Miles: 150 / Top Speed: 80 mph / Best Song: “Gin and Juice” cover by The Gourds


I thought Ben deserved a shout out today for everything he and Heather did to help. He was also the biggest secret salesperson for the Harley ever. Also, I completely had a Doogie Howser moment when I started typing this post. I expect Vinny to pop his head in the window at any moment.

East Bound and Down

“Mark Twains experience comes to mind, in which, after he had mastered the analytic knowledge needed to pilot the Mississippi River, he discovered the river had lost its beauty. Something is always killed. But what is less noticed in the arts – something is always created too. And instead of just dwelling on what is killed its important to also see what’s created and to see the process as a kind of death-birth continuity that is neither good nor bad, but just is.”

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

So this quote said it better than I can phrase it. Life happens and with each turn of the crank things can be torn apart but in that tearing something beautiful may happen. I don’t know about speculating into some broad diatribe but I know how it affects this trip and my immediate experiences. I thought my trip was destroyed and lost, but its not. Its changed. Out of these ashes has risen something new and that is experience adn adventure. Maybe not the one I expected but its the one I’m getting so I’ll see it through and come to know it and love it. I never could have determined the course of events thats occured the last almost two weeks. I also wouldn’t be able to replace these life lessons that will serve me well for a lifetime.

Day Eleven

So technically I’m headed south, but either way I’m about to be loaded up and trucking. I thought I’d use today to fill in the game plan for the rest of the summer. It was a fairly uneventful relaxing day, really it was test riding the new motorcycle to make sure there were no issues since the shop was still open today.

We started the day late and headed back to the farm in Melrose. This time we all went up and while Ben checked the hunting cameras I shot my bow and fished for some trout. Nothing was really biting but it was a relaxing day with the Brewers and Mets game on the radio in the background. When we finished up we went back to his parents where they cooked us some steaks and tool Leo off our hands for the night since Ben had a ton of work to do and a suddent trip to OshKosh tomorrow. Overall it was really just a great day to relax and take in the landscape and a day withou fretting over what to do about the bike.

Just enjoying what nature has to offer

Just enjoying what nature has to offer

When all is said and done, it really is beautiful country

When all is said and done, it really is beautiful country

I may be all city, but a little country does the soul good.

I may be all city, but a little country does the soul good.

The plus here was I rode the bike up. He took the extra curvy scenic route so I could get a feel for the handling and such. While a batch of passing showers made for a slick road it still handled just fine. A good first day behind those Harley handlebars. It really does handle tremendously and responds well to my moves. I think this could end up working out afterall.

The Trip

So what’s left of the summer you may be wondering? Well, there are two must hit stops and then the neverending question marks. I have to be in Tulsa, OK by July 31 to meet my crew for the Roundup and begin the bulk of my shooting. August 8 – 10 I’ll be in Cleveland hopefully catching up with good friends long unseen and for the Mods vs Rockers rally which is just fun. Hopetully that trip will also begin the planning stages for another project and excusion with a photo friend there in town.

Between those two I’m working my way toward Indy with likely a stop in KS to see some friends and a night in St. Louis with Big Red and Pit Stop and hopefully some Pappy’s Smokehouse (the best unsauced BBQ I’ve ever had). But after Cleveland I don’t know whether to try and complete the Eastern loop or just head my ass home as quick as possible. A fairly straight shot takes me through Charleston and home via the southern route, versus going over to MD and the east coast. I’m honestly torn and somewhat indifferent. My plans have been questionable after all. Haha. I think while in Indy I’ll figure out my expenses and see where I sit financially. The funds as you may remember we readjusted for the new wheels.

But first Tulsa and the Roundup. I may take my sweet time getting there as I have four days until meeting up or go to Colorado to see my wonderful Leiker family and their new little man, YMB. He clearly needs some quality time with his bluncle (black uncle). Either way tonight I’ll be looking at the map and tomorrow headed south into Iowa. Thats an ideal stopping place for a night and gives a nice travel break as well as company to catch up with.  I guess you could say I’m back on track, in some fashion. Not as expected, but going with the flow. It feels right.

No Whammy, No Whammy, No Whammy, STOP!

Double Post, Part Two

“Then at last the people will look to their Creator
    and turn their eyes to the Holy One of Israel.
They will no longer look to their idols for help
    or worship what their own hands have made.
They will never again bow down to their Asherah poles
    or worship at the pagan shrines they have built.
Their largest cities will be like a deserted forest,
    like the land the Hivites and Amorites abandoned
when the Israelites came here so long ago.
    It will be utterly desolate.
10 Why? Because you have turned from the God who can save you.
    You have forgotten the Rock who can hide you.
So you may plant the finest grapevines
    and import the most expensive seedlings.
11 They may sprout on the day you set them out;
    yes, they may blossom on the very morning you plant them,
but you will never pick any grapes from them.
    Your only harvest will be a load of grief and unrelieved pain.”

~ Isiah 17: 7-11

So this one made sense to cut and paste due to length alone, but also for emphasis.

This passage is about going at it alone. When you turn your back on faith you cut out a huge portion of your life. For those of us who follow our faith, when you lose it, even for a moment its easy to become distracted and lost. I feel like I did that on this trip. I became so fixated on the thing I wanted to do I stopped seeing the things in front of me. But what has reminded me of that is the simplicity of whats happened this entire time. Friends that I haven’t seen in ages all opened their homes and hearts to me. When I had problems condolences came from everywhere and support continued to flow. I’m not doing this alone even though I thought I was. I couldn’t do it without the amazing support around me. I am eternally grateful for that and blessed beyond belief. But most importantly there comes a point where I have to learn to ask for help, seek assistance. I am not an island. As I mentioned earlier I try so hard and shoulder so much that when it goes wrong I feel the weight of the world on me. I don’t have to lift it by myself. I have to learn that. I have to remember this moment.

Day Ten

We’re into double digits! That feels like some social media accomplishment for me. Anyway, back to the post…

So day ten was uneventful in that not a lot happend. So this will be a fairly short fill in.

The day started with Ben, Leo and myself heading up to his folks place in Melrose. Ben was going to work on the farm and plant seeds at the food plot for the deer in the area. It was actually a nice getaway. Beautiful countryside, Ben and his dad went and worked the farm while Leo, myself and Ben’s mother hung at the house. I had to make phone calls to the insurance company and to the dealerships to find out info on the motorcycles. After some debate I found out I have to have an accidennt report filled out in Rockford, IL where I was hit in order to file the claim in full. Both dealerships looked at the bike to ascertain trade in value as well. The insurance adjuster will get the quote from the shop and determine whether or not to total the bike out or pay for repair. Either way we’ve factored it in to the decision on purchasing another bike. Either it gets fixed and I sell it or it gets totaled out and I take the money and run.

Brun's Man Cave... on point.

Brun’s Man Cave… on point.

Ultimately it gets tricky. Either way there’s no trade in at this point. The timing with the insurance is throwing everything off and at some point I can’t keep living out of someone else’s house. So we’ll deal with my old bike on the back end.  Today I can do this without breaking the bank.

So after hanging out with mom and little Leo, Ben finished up and we went to lunch. His family is wonderful. I can’t repeat that enough. We went to a local little cafe, L&M and I had a delicious Pork Sandwich covered in gravy and mashed potatoes. Fat man heaven. Then we came back to La Crosse and the house to put Leo down for a nap. In the meantime I had been in touch with the dealership to try and get things ready to roll today. I don’t think he actually thought we were buying a bike today. He was wrong.

So a trip to the dealership was next. This would end our day pretty much. The dealer was closing in an hour so we kept them beyond close. It went well though and when all was said and done, I even walked away with a new pair of gloves. Which were desperately needed since mine literally have finger holes at this point. Nonetheless I rode out of there on a bike.

The end of the night ended with the neighbors inviting us over for dinner. We had a great meal and conversation that eventually led to beers back at Ben’s place with Steve and Dan, the two neighbors who we’ve been hanging with every night.  Again, it was a very good day.


Really though I know what you’re all waiting for… what was the decision?! Well here’s the big reveal to end the post. Here’s my new set of two’s to get me through the curves and straights of life on the road. I don’t think I’ll be dissapointed.

I rang the bell for some grown man action. Road King is ready to roll.

I rang the bell for some grown man action. Road King is ready to roll.

The 2010 Harley Davidson Road King FLHP. Ultimately this won out because I really liked the salesman, it was his last day and I wanted him to get the commission and no one else. But really because it handled so well. While I’m not crazy about the paintjob, that can be changed. It handles like a beast though, it was a former police motorcycle so it should though. Its responsive and agile for a bigger bike but feels a lot like my Mean Streak on the road. Its made for the distances, has hard saddlebags and alot of custom additons already. It also holds its value which is something that Harley can say that others can’t so it gives me options down the line. I guess I am a Harley Davidson guy after all. If you see me in Harley bandanas and jackets please punch me.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.

“He was after something.That is important. He was after something and he used the knife because that was the only tool he had. But he took on so much and went so far in the end his real victim was himself.”

Zen and the Art of Mototcycle Maintenance


So I’m still searching for meaning. I guess thats what we’re all inherently doing somehow though, right? I have to admit though that I feel like there’s something important for me here about letting go. My friend told me that almost a week ago. Maybe these issues are lessons in learning to let go and stopping trying to control. Letting His plan guide me. It seems that the more I push on this venture the more disastrous it has become. In ways though I find that I have let go. The anger and frustration at least never reared their head to the extent it once would have. Maybe I’ve taken bigger sttrides in recent years then I even know. There’s a certain peacefulness in the acceptance of it all. Maybe thats what it means to go with the flow… not so much to let life happen, but when it does responding in kind and not slamming against it. Allowing change to manifest change, instead of change manifesting chaos.

Day Nine

Note the lack of capitalization. Its because I don’t feel like screaming the day anymore. Namely, in that I don’t feel the pressure of the day anymore. Its passed and this is life. Its thrown me some curve balls recently so I’m stepping back up to the plate ready to bunt instead of swing for the fences. First allow me to clarify something fromt the last post.

Option #4… I spoke about trading the bike in, getting on some new wheels and keeping it moving. By this I in no way mean that the trip is still on. What I mean is that my life has to move on and some traveling still needs to happen. Some will think its impractical to buy a new motorcycle on what may seem like a whim. They could be right, I won’t deny that. But let me make my defense. I have to get home. Thats a simple one, and yes there are cheaper ways to do it but those don’t solve the issue of what to do with the old bike. So trading it in makes some sense as it disposes of it and gains a replacement. Second, I love to ride. Lol. Third and oddly important to me is my work. Many of you know I’ve spent the last few years working on a project documenting African American bikers and the culture that somewhat surrounds it. I spend most of the summer shooting for this work with the bulk of it coming in the next week at the National Biker Roundup. I had quietly committed to myself that this would be my last year photographing for it. It would make 4 years and this years intent was to capture things I feel like I missed in the past few years and complete the body of work. I’m not just documenting others but part of myself as illustrated through them. This effort is lost without a motorcycle and I couldn’t accept that for personal and professional reasons.

My heart on wheels. You were better to me than I was to you.

My heart on wheels. You were better to me than I was to you.

So this brings us back to the world of motorcycle shopping. I don’t want to do it, I can’t really afford to do it. But nonetheless, I’ll do it and I’ll make due. I was hestiant to post this info because I feel like I’m divulging too much of my own business and almost flaunting the idea of buying a bike. What I just said is true though, I really don’t want to buy a new bike. I love my Mean Streak. It was my first big boy bike, I learned to do maintenance on it, take care of it. Learned to ride for real on it. Learned how to be part of the biker community I love. Part of me identifies through it and I want to see her live again. But practicality rears its ugly head. I don’t ride like its designed to, I ride much harder, I ride distances… a lot. I push gears and add things to my bike to make it into something she’s not. That’s not fair to her. But she’s still part of who I am. She always will be. I love her, I always will. But alas all good things come to an end and it pains me that this one too must pass. So I don’t want a new bike, I want that little piece of my heart back… but fate has intervened.

 That being said day nine was spent running errands with my friend Ben and bike shopping, test driving, etc. I had saw some bikes that interested me the day before and planned to test drive three more by days end, hoping that one may become my bike. The sole goal, find a good touring bike thats suited for my style of riding, my size, my taste and that I can see myself on hopefully for some time. So, here we go…


You saw the one from last night in the last post. It was a good ride and a powerful bike. it has all the bells and whistles I liked at the right price, but as it turns out its a gas guzzler. Test Ride #1 is a bust, no Honda VTX.

This next gem was a good option. Had a lot of the touring features I’m looking for, though it turned out not to be all that I had hoped. The bars came back too far and hit my knees, this is a short mans bike. Plus the pick up just wasn’t there. Something felt wrong about a Yamaha anyway.

Test Ride #2 - 2007 Yamaha Road Star

Test Ride #2 – 2007 Yamaha Road Star

This next ride kind of had my eye from first considerations of a new bike. The paint job and styling is my taste through and through, not too mention its an aggressive engine and torque heavy ride. It has the power like my old bike, you can feel it as soon as you hit the throttle. The gears run low so you’re in third up to 50 and you never touch fifth I really did enjoy this bike. Its issues were minor but could get frustrating. The vibration in the bike is really noticeable as you shift gears up and throttle to speed. And some of the touches I like would conflict against the matte black possibly. Though its definitely made to tour, the hard saddlebags are a nice touch as well.

Test Ride #3 - 2013 Suzuki Boulevard C90T B.O.S.S. (Suzuki Blacked Out Special)

Test Ride #3 – 2013 Suzuki Boulevard C90T B.O.S.S. (Blacked Out Suzuki Special)

Apparently the dealer was getting nervous because I was on the test ride for awhile. But sometimes selfies and sightseeing just happens.

Sometimes you gotta selfie as evidence. I fear this is happening too often.

Sometimes you gotta selfie as evidence. I fear this is happening too often.

There be cows back yonder

There be cows back yonder

Sister Guadalupe Shrine if I remember correct. How is this in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin!?

Sister Guadalupe Shrine if I remember correct. How is this in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin!?

This last stop of the day was at the Harley Davidson dealer. Ben kept joking about “this guy rides into town on a Kawasaki and rides out on a Harley, its a perfect Wisconsin tale!” I’ll admit, I didn’t want to like it. The day before when he showed us the bike I wasn’t crazy about it. I’m not inherently a Harley guy, I just like to ride. I also don’t get into paying extra for a name like its some requirement or status symbol. It doesn’t connect with me. But we were here, I figured I’d test ride it. I was pleasantly surprised. It had real torque and power, but great handling. That surprised me the most. I was most surprised by this bike all day. I’m not a fan of the old school paint job and styling to some extent, but it tours like a beast. Its another one that you ride third gear until almost 50 and never touch sixth until the highway and about 75. Another good ride.

Test Ride #4 - 2010 Harley Davidson Road King

Test Ride #4 – 2010 Harley Davidson Road King

Which means test rides 3 & 4 are options. I’m gong to run numbers and follow up with my insurance to check on the old bike and see where we are on that one in the process. Other considerations for bikes were limited. I was shown a few other Harleys, and a looked at Goldwings, real hardcore touring bikes. I’m 38, not 58. I’m not ready for a radio, heated seat and cupholder yet.  I still want a bike I can ride to the grocery without it being an ordeal or looking like I’m going to ride across the Sahara. All joking aside this is stressful, I like the last two, but never wanted to be buying a new bike right now. I’m torn and a little concerened but in a way feel committed to this task, not just the trip but my life and my work. As they say, the show must go on. Eventually I’m getting another bike soon… why not now.

Tomorrow decisions must be made. To be continued….

Oh, on a side note I had bear sausage jerky tonight. It was spicy and amazing. I love hunters. I also discovered the hideout of the infamous Potato King. It’s right over there.

I hear he's a chip off the old block!

I hear he’s a chip off the old block!

Dead in the Water

*Part Two

“The Lord lifts up the humble… and takes pleasure in those who fear Him, in those who hope in His mercy” ~ Psalm 147

It is upon me. The question eats at me, asking what have I learned from this experience. Tha’ts where I wander to in the recesses of my mind and I’m left to debate the validity of that answer. I feel like this trip has stolen some of my thunder in its utter failure. It has officially broken me.

I cannot speak to my level of sadness as it varies. As there are times that I can laugh about it and others when I want to crawl into a hole and be alone. Though I am getting over the bulk of it and seeing the peculiarity of the situation. While I can’t ascertain as to why this happened (nor can the guys at the shop) I know that for some reason I’m here and for some reason I’m not as stressed by it as I would think. In particular not as stressed as I’d have been a year ago. Maybe that’s the point of all this. For now though I’m still attempting to process and absorb. As my brother told me, “if it were easy, everyone would do it.”

Day Eight

Day eight. Hmmmm… where to begin. So the bike is dead. Dead dead. This is the sight that began my day. The bike rolling on a mysterious trailer into La Crosse, WI to a shop that will hopefully save me.


Lets just get it all out in the open. As I traveled through the highways and byways of Wisconsin the engine cut out and lost power, eventually leading to a terrible knocking, all over the stretch of a mile. This leads the shop to believe that a rod has been thrown or a broken piston but either way we’re looking at a cost of repair nearly equalling that of the bike itself. So what do we do. How do we proceed?


Easy answer. We don’t the trip is dead. I notified all of my wonderfully accommodating friends in the great west of the United States that I would not be visiting this summer.

Though this has not been a complete loss. Amongst my griping my roommate quickly pointed out that our friend Ben lived in La Crosse. After a phone conversation he agreed to take me in and house me for the evening and help figure out getting me around and whatever can be done. Again, a direct blessing from above. Not in a facetious way, but directly. I had no idea I’d end up here, I had no idea he lived here. I can’t put it anymore bluntly. He and his wife have been more than accommodating and amazing.

Ben and Little Leo

Ben and Little Leo

So throughout the day we discussed the steps to proceed. We priced out a repair, looked for a replacement engine and all to no avail. So the next option is how do we get me home. What to do with the busted bike? All the logistics. Well the answers aren’t simple and they’re a plethora of options.

1. Fix the bike at a crazy cost and time, having to come back for it later

2. Ship the bike home and deal with it later

3. Sell the bike as is

4. Trade the bike in on something used and keep it moving

5. Buy something else and keep the old one adding in a previous option

Needless to say, we’ve gone around the block. But in the end, option #4 seemed to be the best up front bet as I could almost break even. This means something simple though. The trip funds go into a new purchase, still killing the west as much as people tell me to continue.

So let the hesitantly bad timed bike hunting begin!

Test Ride #1 - Honda VTX 1800

Test Ride #1 – 2004 Honda VTX 1800

In the meantime we’ve also began the process of seeing if my insurance can step in to help total the bike out under one of my various policy addendum. So more on that to come.

The blessings don’t stop there though. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some of my hosts friends from the neighborhood. They are truly kind and generous people that have helped make this more of an adventure than a punishment. Our nights have been filled with beers, laughter and camaraderie. Not to mention a new bow. Things may get straight Thunderdome in here.

Thank you Steve - This could absolutely be trouble.

Thank you Steve – This could absolutely be trouble.

*As a side note, you’ll notice the lack of food posts. Again, my funds are beiing reallocated so they may be less forthcoming than before. This saddens me the most maybe. Plus I’m feeling a little less adventurous these recent days.